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Jose Munoz

Institute for Educational Leadership
Interim President
Washington, D.C.
Informed by his faith, and confidence in community, José Muñoz is a social entrepreneur that has been harmonizing relationships and resources on behalf of children in communities across America since 1995. As Vice President of Equity and Community Impact, and Director of the Coalition for Community Schools for the Institute for Educational Leadership, José facilitates the conquest of equity for the oppressed and marginalized in partnership with local, state, and national partners. His vision is a world of adults whose actions are commensurate to our obligation of ensuring all children are safe, loved, and socially responsible. Community Schools are his vehicle.

Prior to IEL, José advanced the ABC Community School Partnership in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he evolved community schools as an ecosystem of collaborative leadership between local neighborhoods and community-wide anchor institutions to inform elected officials and executives of the most efficient and effective way to crowdsource their resources to serve families.

As a result blended funding increased nearly 200% increasing access to resources and opportunities for children and families in over 100 public schools with 25 of them becoming Community Schools in only five years. Impact included increases in family engagement, attendance, academic performance, enrollment, and decreases in student mobility, tardiness and discipline.

José’s experiences were refined by coordinating Bernalillo County’s Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative, which is one of five national model sites, where he created the RED (Racial and Ethnic Disparity) task team that reduced detention population and disparities in the juvenile justice system.

His career began by serving 13 years with the Boys & Girls Clubs in three regions of the country as a youth development professional. One of José’s highlights was co-creating a Southern Nevada Community Gang Task Force where he won a national legacy award for targeted juvenile re-entry in Las Vegas, NV.