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Peter Komendowski

The Partnership for a Healthy Iowa
Peter serves as co-director of the Iowa Digital Literacy Project, president of The Partnership @DrugFreeIowa.org and Face It Together (PDFI/FIT). He is a former Chair of the Partnership, and succeeded Senator Grassley as Chair of the Face It Together Coalition’s healthy communities’ initiative known as the “Blueprint for Healthy Communities.” The board is comprised of Iowa leaders in the business community, public health and safety, mass media, education, health care, state and federal government, elected officials, the faith community, the prevention community, and treatment professionals.
His work with the Partnership began as a consultant on a drug endangered children’s advertising campaign and a marketing project for the Iowa Substance Abuse Information Center. He served on the PDFI/FIT Board of Directors for over 10 years. Invited to serve as the Chair of PDFI and FIT respectively, he acted in that capacity for several years and participated in the joining of the two boards of directors into one organization with a shared mission, to “provide young Iowans, and those who care for them, with the resources they need to live alcohol, drug, and substance abuse free.”
As a former executive in business development and marketing, he manages teams with a unique blend of scientific insight, business acumen and experience in the research and understanding of human behavior. Throughout Iowa, the Partnership works to increase the capacity of community efforts to reduce substance abuse.
PDFI/FIT projects include the Iowa Media Literacy Project, Take5Iowa, the Drug-Free Workplace Program, Speak Out 4 Kids, and the Blueprint for Healthy Communities.
He was invited by Mediacom to host the TV series, Children & Drugs: Secrets for Parents, which aired eight episodes in 2013. Building on that success he was invited back to host the TV show Surviving Bad, with eight episodes in 2014.
Peter studies the habits of American youth to develop an understanding of what motivates human behavior, and develops educational programs to help motivate healthier decision-making. Working with Dr. Gentile of Iowa State University, they are developing a Digital Literacy critical thinking skills curriculum.
He also speaks to children and adults, on topics ranging from "A Mindful Approach to the Media - Knowing the Tricks & Traps," to "Rebuilding America from the Inside Out." He has enjoyed a healthy dose of media exposure, has been a TEDx speaker, and still hosts the TV Show "Surviving Bad" on Mediacom.