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The mission of Iowa Safe Schools is to provide safe, supportive, and nurturing learning environments and communities for LGBTQ and allied youth through education, outreach, advocacy, and direct services. 

All students need a safe, supportive atmosphere in which they can learn, including students that are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning (LGBTQ).  Unfortunately, bullying, harassment, and discrimination against LGBTQ students occurs often in our schools. In fact, 82% of transgender youth report that they feel unsafe at school1 and 74.1% of LGBTQ students were verbally bullied in the past year because of their sexual orientation2. As these students face verbal and physical harassment, educators, policy makers, parents, and other students are often hampered by the lack of quality information and resources to protect LGBTQ students.

That’s where Iowa Safe Schools comes in.

We provide comprehensive support, victim services, resources, and events for LGBTQ and Allied youth. Serving over 4,500 youth annually, Iowa Safe Schools is the largest LGBTQ youth serving organization in the Midwest.

Some of our student services include:

GSA Guidebook
Iowa GSA Network
Queer Campus Coalition
The Affirming Resource Library
Virtual Hangout

Iowa Safe Schools is also proud to provide resources to educators! Our educator recourses include:Safe Schools Academy: Offering BOEE-approved License Renewal Credit, and Graduate Credit through Morningside College.Virtual Professional Development training sessions. For more information contact jordan@iowasafeschools.org The Schoolwide Pride Guides available at the Elementary, Middle School, or High School level.

For more information on Iowa Safe Schools, you can  send us an email at info@iowasafeschools.org!